A Knight’s Rosary

Our goal is to enrich and increase prayer, The Knights of Columbus of

St. Francis of Assisi Church in Castle Rock, CO,

are offering our prayer aids at cost to K.C. Councils, churches,

ordained religious and book stores. .



In 1991, we were led to make a booklet called "The Knights of Columbus Rosary," and we distributed nearly 10,000 all over the U.S. Many people wrote to tell us it was their favorite.

Due to numerous requests, we have rewritten the original book, adding many more meditations, thoughts, and prayers.

The result is "A Knight's Rosary," approved by Michael J. Sheridan, Bishop of the Diocese of Colorado Springs and the Supreme K. of C. Council.

It includes:

Additional rosary meditations.

The Luminous Mysteries.

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy with meditations.

An original Litany of Divine Mercy.

The Angelus and other prayers.

A Blessing Prayer for the home and family.

Articles on Sacramentals - and more.

Our goal is to touch hearts and make your prayers come alive and be more meaningful. We are offering these prayer aids at cost in hope that churches and K. of C. Councils will adopt this as a worthwhile project for their parishes.

Publishers recommended a selling price of $10 per book. We offer them for $2.50 to K.C. Councils and churches and $3 to the general public!

"Saving one soul at a time - beginning with our own."

Since printing the books, we achieved a long term goal of creating a TWO CD SET containing:

-All four sets of Mysteries of the Rosary with meditations and songs,      

-A Children’s Rosary with meditations and a song,

-The Chaplet of Divine Mercy with meditations and music.

-And the Angelus with music, al for $3-5 per two CD set!

-We are also offering THE KNIGHTS STATIONS OF THE CROSS via download for a free-will offering.